Sunday, July 10, 2011

Book Club bonding and blueberries

Last weekend I went blueberry-picking. This weekend I was in Houston for a Saturday meeting facilitation (read: work). While I have documentation of neither for you here, I do have evidence of the first activity.
It was a recipe I pulled up in a mad rush of trying to decide what to bring to my book club (which was reading this), since I had to take a shower, finish the book, and make something yummy to contribute in the space of an hour. I spent 20 minutes deciding, 20 minutes pulling it together, took a shower while it baked, and didn't end up finishing the book. Win some, lose some. Judging from the "Mmms" from the book-clubbers, I chose the right answer.
It produced a very tasty cake-y type of confection, but I would have liked more time to be able to do the biscuit-type topping instead. Next time...


  1. Looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Isn't book club fun the best? I always love the chance to make something a little special, and this blueberry deliciousness looks amazing!