Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wedding favors; returning with joy

Before I get into more baking bliss, I am giving credit where credit is (partially) due. For a weekend in February, I was in a friend's wedding in Mississippi, and it was a happy, happy affair. I was glad to leave the funk of bad eating habits and avoidance for a bit, and happy to let the new attitude stick on me if it could. I had some small worries on the trip, but mostly I came back with a heart full of happy.
Sushi, sweet wings, cinnamon-spiced potstickers
 Since this is a food-centric blog, I will highlight that aspect of the trip, but as usual, use food as a vehicle for explaining what's going on with me. To the right here is Plate #1 of Rehearsal Dinner food at Pan-Asia- a wonderful restaurant, very atmospheric and modern, nevermind delicious.
Delicious cucumber-vinegar salad, tasty scallop stirfry, beef chow mein
And to the left is Plate #2 of food that I was determined to enjoy and sample, but not overdose on. I didn't. I love being able to sample and enjoy without filling up on one or two things; thankfully, so does the bride! 

Below, my 'artsy' photo of wedding 'schtuff' I had accumulated by the reception: wedding program, scarf, lei, bouquet, and clutch.

 And lastly, here is me seeing things through rose-colored glasses. I saw this lone red-boa feather on the sidewalk outside work a couple days after returning to DC, and it reminded me of the great time all the guests had playing with the costumes and photo booth at the wedding reception.

2) When one selects good people to surround oneself, one is encouraged to be a good person.

Also, with Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday following quickly on the heels of the wedding, I was encouraged to reflect on how not to return to the previous destructive behaviors. I came up with the Conclusions above. And songs like this help.

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