Friday, March 25, 2011

Anaesthetic Bread

I have a friend from college who called the ends of the bread "the butt," whereas I grew up calling it "the heel." No matter, we still managed to be friends.
And while this picture of my last loaf of bread purports all-American friendliness......really, it's got a bit of a problem. Some issues under the surface, you might say. I don't think I did anything too unusual, but it was a first recipe from a new book. Apparently I didn't tuck the edges up underneath as neatly as I needed to in order for this NOT to be called the "butt" of the bread.

You've heard of anaerobic, right? Well, this was ... anaesthetic!
It came out looking like a butt. I ask you, what is a girl to do in this case but slice the ends quickly off and laugh herself a silly fit? ;-)

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