Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vision Collage Party

It was a lovely party.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos.

I was able to do the beans beforehand (see left for soaking additives), and season and start the pork beforehand (see below for spices), but the food, and the dishes, and the art supplies, and the people, and getting the door, ... I didn't get to take any photos. My friend Juan did, but I don't know if he'll share them...

The party theme was creating your own Vision Collage. I borrowed the idea from Melia, whose blog is basically a documented case of Realizing One's Vision- an amazing journey, and now preparing for a new phase (sidenote: yay!).
annatto, coriander, 5-spice, cinnamon, cayenne, pepper, salt, cilantro, chili
The idea is this: set aside some time for thinking about what you want from this year. [It's February, so I got a late start, but that's not important- any chunk of manageable time is fine.] Get a bunch of arts and crafts supplies, some food for sustenance, drinks for those who need that kind of sustenance, and gab or reflect, whichever you prefer, while the group steadily goes through dozens of magazines, looking for words, colors,  images that catch their eye, draw their attention, and speak to them in some way. Cut these out. Get a god pile going. When you come to a natural break (did somebody say 'dessert'?), look at your pile and see if if there is a theme, an overarching focus that your sub-conscious mind is handing to you. Stick it on the base-paper (after dessert, of course) however it strikes your fancy. If you're comfortable with the people at your party, share what you think it means, and what you will do about it. Proceed through the year, and who knows, maybe you'll collect $200?

Oh, and the menu this time? Pork shoulder with spices (above), bean-tomato stew (above, sort of taken from this recipe), baked sweet potatoes, asian-spiced bok choy, green salad. Dessert and wine were brought by guests, which resulted in a euphoric state of cupcakitude! And brownies, and pound cake, and pie... a sweet ending.

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