Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini-Bundt Beauty

I love that scene in My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the Greek mother is trying to get her mouth around "Bundt cake." And I suppose I share a feeling of Bundt cakes being foreign, since I don't own a Bundt pan, and I have no idea where that Teutonic appellation originated. Oh, wait, I have the internet at my fingertips. Still, for a long time, my banana breads have been confined to loaf pans, those humble and useful servants.
But last summer I found a beautiful purveyor or ceramics. His name is Terence Tessem, of Tessem Stoneware. I can't link to a page because he doesn't have one! I imagine him holed up in a cold drafty barn of a studio in rural Pennsylvania, emerging only to follow the Renaissance Faires during the summer months. At any rate, I bought a mini-Bundt pan and a utensil-dryer. Fanciful, you say? Not practical, I hear? Not so!
I've used the utensil-dryer since last fall, and it's a tidy way of drying silverware that leaves more counter space for other dishes drying. Excellent. And pretty too.
But the the bundt has been a little harder to sell. Sitting on the bookshelf, it looked pretty, but it also got dusty. FINALLY, today, I saw my chance. I had bananas to use up, searched my Google Reader for banana cake, and presto!- Banana Espresso Coffeecake with Chocolate Chips. I figured I could halve the recipe and use my dish and end in some deliciousness. Actually, half her batter yielded two of my-size cakes! Woo-hoo! And they are delicious, just like the normal banana bread recipe I use, but in a fun shape.
Alterations for my version:
  • didn't have milk, used a dollop of greek yogurt and water
  • didn't use the glaze
  • halving the recipe led to a time of 36 minutes for the first crop and 34 minutes for the second (slightly less batter)


  1. Yum, Margaret! We use our great-grandmother's tin bundt loaf pans. I swear there's something magical about if you find a great bundt pan, stick with it. Perhaps your great granddaughter will be using it someday :-)

  2. Lucky you! I wish I had inherited a flour sifter similarly, because all the ones I see these days are so shoddy! My Ikea one bit the dust on its FIRST use. Ah, they don't make 'em like they used to.

  3. I haven't used a sifter for years as you are right, they are so shoddy. I sift everything using a mesh strainer. I just sort of bounce it up and down over the bowl. Works for me ! Even when I make my thousand cookies during Christmas. Love you Margaret !!

  4. I SO love Mr. Tessem's work. We've been drooling for years and finally bought some bowls from him at this year's Faire. Now at home I wish I'd gotten more.