Tuesday, June 2, 2009

By Way of Explanation

Ok, so before I fire off another volley of photos, I will first explain the previous batch.
The first details my first attempt using morel mushrooms, a highly swoon-ifying type of woodsy mushroom made famous by French cooks. I went through all the machinations of cleaning, soaking, rinsing, etc, to make a cream sauce that I combined with asparagus. Went down like chocolate syrup. (that is to say, good)
The second is a picture of the finished product of another rather long and involved process (for me): beef daube over pappardelle. It's basically a beef stew that marinates a while first for flavor instead of being browned. Very good, although I could have wished for better quality meat. The package of precut stewing beef (while still labeled 'round') I got at Giant produced a few pieces that had fatty bits and were gristly. And the pappardelle I chose- lemon pepper from TJ's- was bit overpowering; plain would have been better. But overall, a good experience.
The third is an exquisitely executed classic- a BLT. It was basically pre-ordained, since I had leftover everything that I needed to assemble it! So I fancied it up with basil and French mustard and something else, I can't remember. That's the problem with not taking notes every time and not blogging about it at the moment you're eating it- one forgets! But it is a sacrifice worth making, because I much prefer eating in the moment anyway. Oh, sidenote: recently tracked down the passage of Proust in which he discusses his madeleine experience. Very calming and rings very true.

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  1. Ooh, you adventurous cook, you! Thumbs up on BLTs, any day of the week. I like your "morel" and "beef daube" labels. Sounds like there will be more in your future.