Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, what should I do? Almost a whole month, and no follow-through. Would you rather I renewed my hope each time of committing to more regular posts, or that I didn't bother with the apologetic language and just came out with something when I had it? Why don't we try the latter model for a change, see how we like it?

So, I made my first loaf of bread last weekend. Started Friday evening. Failed to get proportions of liquid to flour right. Discarded into sink. Started over with new batch. Didn't rise fast enough before sleep, so stuck it in fridge. Realized that discarded yeat mixture turns to cement. Next morning (Saturday), tried to rise again, but it wouldn't. Left for a date, so had to stick it in fridge again. Returned to get to rise again. After not much change (Saturday evening), I proceeded with the second kneading in the baking pan anyway. Didn't seem to hurt it. Baked for exact amount. Crisped out of pan for exact amount, after top and bottom both sounded actually hollow! Set to cool for 1 hour (couldn't stand prescribed 2 hours). Delicious.

Thank you, James Beard. You are my Number One. (Well, okay, Number Two)

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