Monday, April 12, 2010

Digging out the Car and Celebrating Chinese New Year with Ting and friends!

My car after Snowpocolypse and the tool with which I intended to dig it out, slowly and with breaks.
What? You can't see the tool? It's a hand dustpan, blue, and most of it is under the snow.

Here was the view once I got inside the car-- cool, huh? Defroster did a fat lot o' nothin.
Thankfully, these guys happened along after only 20 minutes or so. They were coming to fix the building opposite my car in the historical alley-- unfortunately, it had not survived the storm structurally sound, so the city hired a crew to knock down the parts that were hazardous. It still looks like that today.
After that bit of luck, I went out to Costco with a friend, and was invited to a Chinese New Year party that night! which we were enlisted to stuff as many dumplings as our little hands could manage! The traditions of Korean dumpling-making were compared with Chinese, family recipes were traded, and various methods of pinching the wonton wrapper around the filling were analyzed. It was a mostly SAIS-and-spouse crowd, after all.
Oh, and I tried Ting's Szechuan Hot Pot. Bad idea.

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